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an aerial photographer taking photos from a helicopter The science of photogrammetry, also known as aerial photography, is primarily used for mapping and surveying operations, planning large-scale projects, surveying crop conditions, and photographing homes, shopping centers and other subject matter from the air.  The American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing has been established to sponsor seminars and annual conventions for individuals and companies who specialize in aerial photography.  Most professional companies utilize special airplanes with cameras installed in the bottom, but aerial photography can be done with any handheld camera.

Amateur photographers who want to dabble in aerial photography should follow a few basic tips for achieving the best shot.  First, make sure the windows of the plane have been cleaned inside and out.  Try wearing a dark colored shirt and using a rubber lens hood to minimize reflection.  Hold the camera as close as possible to the window without touching it.  Ideally, the fastest shutter speed should be used to avoid vibration.  Polarizing filters may help minimize haze, or they may create strange colored patterns from interaction with Plexiglass windows, so test them out before using them on an important aerial photo shoot.  The right focal length is also key; medium range usually works the best.  Wide angles provide a good perspective but reflections may become more of an issue.  A low ISO setting like 100 is usually sufficient, but a 200 or 400 setting might be preferable if using a polarizer.  Following these guidelines should help even nonprofessionals achieve quality aerial photographs.

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